next steps

I'm here 

but gone. 

I've got my hands already in the soil

but my body's here on the carpet. 

How can I stay in this moment 

when my heart has been on the road for 10 hours already. 

Learn that though. 

Start now.

I said this nearly a year ago.

I turned my head from it. 

Tried to rearrange the past.

What is needed is movement.

Specifically forward. 

I'll have more space. 

To expand.

To explode!

To have the god damn sun on my face. 

Fluorescent dream no more. 

So the decision has been made. 

Just like that.

Maybe a month to sort it.

but I will sort it. 

And now I'm sprouting. 

self love

◄ 11/29/17

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