periods of zilch

bloody typical!

just when I need either of them

my Fairy Godmother or Godfather

those letdowns don't appear

to grant my wish for a return to excitements

of any kind

uplifting necessities to avert boredom

from greying its way into my life.


Mr Nothing and Mr Yawn

the tedious twosome drably parading

their miserable presences 

past the window of my mind

like a pair of leaden shoed ogres

dragging their feet through stiffening mud

or two irreparable robots gradually rusting to a standstill.


Oh! let it be that before I am at one with dead

something other than a queue of zeroes will

arrive to fill the hollowness in between now and then.


My frustration screams 'BUGGER!' repeatedly.


Maybe just maybe unfairly finding fault

with the next person, I come across

as long as they are of a smaller stature than myself

might open up a snack box of relief

and derail the train to nowhere.


Well, for a short argumentatively interesting while at least!   

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Rose Casserley

Mon 22nd Jan 2018 23:49

gents (Martin, Leon, Stef and Desmond ) your kindnesses kill me in the nicest of ways

but the suggested activities you, Leon and Stef
have in mind, would kill me as in...REALLY! 😃

sod that for a game of tiddly-winks!

Rose 💋

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 22nd Jan 2018 10:39

anytime you are in our neighbourhood Rose do drop in and enjoy a pillion ride with me

that'll defo blow the cobwebs away girl! ;0)

ta for the laughs.

Stef x

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Mon 22nd Jan 2018 00:28

dare I say Rose that you need to get out more and I don't mean to the pub! Get that backpack on and get some hill walking done!

Excercise really is the antidote to moping about. So there! consider yourself reprimanded but in a nice way

good work though!

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Martin Elder

Sun 21st Jan 2018 14:25

Absolutely brilliant Rose. This has the feel of a song to me. You have left me wanting more. I particularly love Mr nothing and Mr Yawn

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