unsure prodigal

old urges weigh heavily

almost but not quite enough

to completely sway the decision for my return


to the petty crime scene of arguments

all more or less about nothing.

Its a time and tide thing.


A new day begging me to try it out for size

a different corner waiting to be turned.


I could make excuses 

in case they try to stare me down.


'Oh! I was just passing through'

I'd say and hope they would take the opportunity to take the blame.


Because the last thing I would want to do

due to the lack of courage


is one of two things

hold my hand out wanting it to be shaken

or hold my hand out with my cap in it.


Maybe I best wait until the urge gets heavy enough?  

◄ on hearing a memory

Once upon a time in Princes gate when I saw heroism in full magnificent flow ►


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Fri 19th Jan 2018 16:27

appreciated Rose very much

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Rose Casserley

Fri 19th Jan 2018 15:30

hope you make it man. Well written.

Rose 💋

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Thu 18th Jan 2018 20:20

know what you are saying guy's and you are right of course
and I suppose getting it done sooner rather than later is the only option.

Will keep you posted.

Thanks and to Manisha.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 18th Jan 2018 16:27

been there Leon worn the weary t-shirt read the dog-eared book seen the much-repeated film but that said we do go along with Jemsy girls advice. Don't leave it too long bud!

P&S xx

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Jemima Jones

Thu 18th Jan 2018 11:22

Leon, somebody on either side of the argument really does have to make the first move because as you say 'it's a tide and time thing' they won't wait and neither should you. A great poem.Thank you. Jemima.

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