little boys in little girl sweaters

A little boy.

In a little girl's sweater. 

Little girls taunt. 

I sit on a table voiceless 

while he cries. 

Filled with his sadness. 

And my own. 

The scene is dispersed. 

A tsunami within

hits the shore as I walk away. 

It was bound to happen.

Today provided perfect conditions.

I am but one causality. 

Lips sewn up tighter. 

Put on a pretty dress. 

Watch it unfold for years. 

That tsunami continues to rage. 

But I learn to contain it. 

Or so I think. 

I hide it from others. 

But am always filled up. 

It gets to be to much. 

I drown in it.

I drown it. 

A fun game. 


Let it out now. 

Let it take you under. 

Let it wash you away. 

Let it take you where you need to go.

Let it sweep away debris. 

It won't make you squeaky clean.

It will make you. 

And remember you are not his savior. 

He is his. 

They are theirs. 


I am mine. 

◄ Peace!

11/29/17 ►


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Thu 18th Jan 2018 17:10

Very moving this is Jfing. It just captures so well being misunderstood and rejected, the cruelty of it, and how to resolve it as best it can be done. Brave, too.


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