Promulgating untruth

tongues knot themselves


they squirm in delight

at the absence of proof


yet in time they uncoil as snakes

forked and unsound


and truth which was known only to some

takes root in firm fertile ground 


© Wolfgar 2018


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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 19th Jan 2018 19:25

Thank you Ray and Martin,

So many forked tongues these days, the only hope we have is that they may choke the throats they fill.


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Martin Elder

Thu 18th Jan 2018 20:51

pity snakes get such bad press but I suppose it goes back quite a way into the mists of time. Quite topical I think today with all this talk of fake news
Nice one David

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Thu 18th Jan 2018 19:40

Top idea to liken tongues to snakes David. A very versatile organ I would say in other contexts, but in this case it nicely describes itself; the tongue has a root too, so that's clever. A sting in its tail indeed.


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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 18th Jan 2018 09:48

Many thanks Keith and Stu,

I look forward to seeing "promulgate" somewhere in the near future Stu.

All the best,


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Stu Buck

Wed 17th Jan 2018 20:52

yes, very true. thanks for teaching me the word promulgating as well, what a belter

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keith jeffries

Wed 17th Jan 2018 19:09

The words of this poem are true indeed. Thank you. Keith

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