Be The Adult You Would Have Wanted To Be

They look at me like I'm the problem
and the cause of their boredom
and who knows
maybe in some ways I am.
I was a teenager once
bemoaning the lack of activities to get involved in
because opportunities were slim
and money was always tight
we had no Internet
to check through what's on listings
or you tube videos to learn new skills


I remember a lack of positive role models
which I could really learn from
looking up at those I was supposed to respect
and thinking why?
because you've not shown me anything worth knowing yet.
I swore things would be different
in the unlikely event that I ever reach thirty
I would be the kind of influence on others that I had lacked
I would share my knowledge and experience, helping others
by giving something back

Now I'm 37
and staring down the barrel of being middle aged
though many would say
I'm there already
I'm not ready to be old
or viewed as such
It feels like so many years have been wasted
maybe if I'd had better teachers
I'd have been better prepared
for the things that were to come
and better equipped to deal with them

Generation after generation it continues to be said
Kids these days don't know their born.
Nah forget that.
Kids these days are so easily bored.
It takes less time to complete a console game
than it used to take to load one up on an old computer
we used to have to use our own imaginations
create our own narratives
and play outside with friends.
School holidays that felt
like they would never end
sleep outs and sleepovers
jumpers for goalposts
water fights
and games of hide and seek
which lasted half the night

Kids have no attention span
Kids have no respect
Kids have no ambition
Kids have it easy with their tests
Kids have adulthood thrust on them
Kids have childhood snatched away
Kids are ostracized and vilified
Kids please go be kids and play
Kids need support from us
Because we've seen it all before
Encourage prepare and nurture them
For what they have in store
don't mock them or belittle them
or tell them they're to blame
the world which they inherit
should be filled with more
than anger, hate and shame

Matthew Nicholson 17/01/2018

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Stu Buck

Wed 17th Jan 2018 20:55

cracking matt, great words, good point and entertaining. where a lot of this type of poetry can come across as preachy, yours never does.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 17th Jan 2018 17:22

Interesting to read this - from a viewpoint and age that
have seen much come and go. The disparity between
youth and old age is nothing new, even Shakespeare
noted it in his writing; but in an era that is so advanced
materially it's a fact that there are constant referrals to
the "needs" of children, with "support" campaigns at
every turn. Is this logical? Perhaps we need to get over ourselves and take a long hard reasoned look at our
motives and at those we readily depict as deserving if
we are not to see soul-destroying socially divisive
dependency affect too many minds and lives in
the long term. Short term and efficient should surely be
the mantra is there is to be benefit to any society as a whole...encouraging youthful enterprise and self-reliance
towards the wider knowledge and considerations that
maturity sees accommodating, understanding and even embracing inevitable old age.

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