me-an ugly and crap harmonica player

about ten years old

I could suckandpuffsuckandpuffsuckandpuff

my out of tune way through

# God save our gracious queen #

(without bowing of course)

and in the same inhaling and exhaling way

annoy my parents and anyone else within suffering distance

with my brass reeded rendition of

# oh can you wash your father's shirt #

( without going near the sink of course )


both old tuneful commoners 

ear piercingly blasted out on dads old mouth organ

to prove to the unbelievers

that this could very well be as I ridiculously thought at the time

being a kid and all

my young foot on the first Larry Adler rung to stardom.


And while continuing to 'vamp'

I have since learned is the correct word for such an action )

the unbelievers updated their misbeliefs 

by informing me that in their long-suffering vengeful opinions

my 'vamping' chances of achieving fame and fortune

were about as possible as my chances of growing up to be handsome.


Since then I have been checking the mirror on a daily basis

and up to now, it appears they have been proved right

on both counts!


But nevertheless, those correct prophecies 

won't stop me from getting my 'vamping' 

denture rattling revenge on them

whenever and wherever I get the infamous chance.    






◄ oh! the poor little rapists lets not forget THEIR rights!

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Tue 16th Jan 2018 11:23

Martin, don't forget there is always the triangle although I doubt you could get a bluesy sound out if it

Stef, had a listen to that guy you mentioned and holy cow! he never seems to come up for air! The 'bogs' as a place of practice made me 'larf

Colin though not in total agreement you will see I have met you half way.

Thank heaven you didn't hear my screeching attempt to play the mouth organ Rose because there is no way you would have pinned that to the notice board in your-beautiful-head (ha!)

Thanks all

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Rose Casserley

Mon 15th Jan 2018 10:37

Leon dude, you may be ugly and you may be a crap harmonica player but you write shit hot poetry!

I'll pin this beaut to the notice board in my head when I feel
shit cold 😒


Rose 💋

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 14th Jan 2018 18:39

don't know if you've heard of a harmonica player called Cyril Davies Leon? if not you really must get to listen to 'country line special' knockout!

I can do a bit of suckingandpuffingandsuckingandpuffing blues style fairly well but one really does need to play it as we used to do inth'old days in somewhere like the public lavs especially in the dead of night you get a fantaz echoing effect!

ah! happy gob-horning days.

Stef (& P) xx

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Martin Elder

Sun 14th Jan 2018 14:22

like this one Leon. I can readily imagine the ten year old you
trying to master the harmonica. Another instrument that I could never master. It would have been great to be able to play the blues on such and instrument. Come to think of it , it would be nice to be able to get a tune out of anything
Anyway great poem Leon

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