Honour pride and ego,

I gave up on life years ago,

Not much hope death let it be so,

No money for passing go,

Land on chance or community chance,

Just another part of societies test,

Main goal to be the best,

Try to win forget the rest.


What’s this you tripled the doubles?

Off you go directly to jail,

Mortgage everything to the bank,

Re-program your emotions all over again,

Everything brusquely coming to an end,

Just when you thought you had a friend,

Can you truly comprehend?

Is it me or the world that’s being ignorant?

Do you genuinely understand the predicament?


Anti-social society,

The noise of bureaucracy,

Sounds like a whole heap of hypocrisy,

Unbearable reality,

What is blissful harmony?

Game of life,

Roll the dice,

Forced error or just poor choice?


Written by

Michael Robinson.





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