Silent dreams keeping me awake,

Images of a distance land

Homeward bound wait,

Iron clad is love sealed in my heart,

Nothing in this world can rip it apart,

Evil plays out in every way,

Even some powers of authority

Sit in the dark of day,

As this world spins with season change,

How did earth become so strange?

North, south, east or west,

With each sense and feeling

Constantly getting put to the test…


Time served will come at a cost,

You could not imagine the loved ones I’ve lost,

In a blaze of trouble,

A blur of thought,

‘What now may come before me is

No longer a matter of the court’,

Society says I’ve broken the law,

In these chains and shackles

I can hardly walk.


A simple man of bare grim despair,

In amongst tarnished hearts who am I to compare,

Deceitful love what a mind boggle,

As I sit in my cell and struggle,

Not much strength left in my will,

The love in my heart yells’ keep pushing on still…!


Written by

Michael Robinson.





Fri 12th Jan 2018 23:32

Sometimes in life a person can feel disorientated,
Misplaced in life and separated from society.
Whatever life a person lives in whatever country at times a person can feel the burden of pressure and feel trapped, closed in or bounded by shackles and chains.

Not to judge others.

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