Sophistication broken at each end,

Antagonistic behaviour quick to mend,

Intelligent statements wasted on insult,

Blamed on society with no one at fault,

What a remark of any topic,

The poor and suffering to trillionaires

Is just microscopic,

Billions of people with their hands in the air

Screaming injustice this isn’t fair,

Populations left homeless with no food,

Unembellished, empty and bare,

It’s like leaders of a country just don’t even care.


Where are all the machines of mass construction?

Insidious rulers with no discretion,

Meticulously fussy without precision,

So the world builds weapons of mass destruction.


A well paid job to a news reader,

Lines off a script that’s false to a truth seeker,

At least their families will eat tonight,

In the meantime ruthless dictators continue to fight,

Where has honesty gone?

Afraid to come out hiding behind a wall?

It’s just a matter of time before dignity takes a fall,

Not a shallow grave but deep in the core,

Definitely rotten I can tell you this for sure.


Written by      

Michael Robinson.





Fri 12th Jan 2018 22:44

Not a sarcastic shot at every single news reader that investigates stories and risks there lives telling the story but more to do with a thought of conspiracy to do with espionage in war with little or hardly any fact and based on fabricated stories from all different sides and angles.

like the saying goes;\

One person's hero is another persons villain.

One persons villain is another persons hero.

There are many sides to a story -

1) There is my side' to a story.

2) There is your side' to a story.

3) There is every other persons side' to a story.

4) And there is the side of truth.

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