To think what is may not be,

To know what may come

Is hard to see,

With such equivocal disguise,

Proper inclinations

Of the mind begin to arise,

With hope of understanding

Rather than

An ambivalent compromise,

Is that hard to realise?

Or even suggest such a thing…!

“Out spoken am I”

Like summer at the end of spring?

Even though it’s hot

It still could rain,

Is it possible to imagine

The grief of one’s pain..?

The world’s corruption

Has left a permanent stain,

Broken homes and hearts,

What is left after dust?

Is it death and scars?


Written by

Michael Robinson.




Fri 12th Jan 2018 23:54

Contains many different ideas and or attitudes that don't go well together.
Unclear or confusing because it can be taken more than one way.

Deliberately vague in what you say because you want to avoid speaking the truth or avoid making a decision.
Difficult to understand, Interpret or explain often because it has aspects that seem to contradict each other.

Uncertain weather they really want it or weather they really approve of it.

Ambiguous - Equivocal - Ambivalent =
(Kind of like parliament/congress/dictatorship in any country with left and right - up and down wings)

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