Posthumously Paris


Don’t worry your words won’t stop the war,

no matter what you write them for,


to tell us that you disagree

with the comfy life your taxes feed.


Repulsed, repelled

still the amazon forest felled, 


and in the cities concrete square

your protestations fill tainted air,


shaken fists punch vacant skies

while noisy tongues shield blinded eyes,


and all this time your world rolls on

with you like it already gone. 



© Wolfgar 1/2018


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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 18th Jan 2018 22:03

Thanks very much Martin,

I sometimes feel that mankind must always exist in states of conflict, whether they be warring or otherwise.

It seems that for progress to be achieved there must always be contest between opposing ideas and beliefs.

It would be nice to find a way to do that without inflicting pain and suffering, maybe at some future point we might get there. It does seem unlikely from this present vista though.

Thanks again Martin,


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Martin Elder

Thu 18th Jan 2018 19:56

I can't help feeling that there is something of the eternal philosophical dilemma raised here of as long as there is the potential for one man or group of men to put one over on another or and profit from so doing then war will always exist. Against that there is also those others who feel everything either should or can be done for the greater good. Or maybe I am just reading too much into this.
Either way it is still a very good poem in your usual thought provoking style. Keep them coming.
Nice one

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 16th Jan 2018 08:59

Thanks Laura,

I just popped back to see your note, noticed I hadn't yet acknowledged your reading and comment.

All the best,


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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 12th Jan 2018 22:09

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Laura Taylor

Fri 12th Jan 2018 11:18

I love the image of fists punching vacant skies

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 11th Jan 2018 21:30

Thanks again Adelaide V, Keith and Beno.

I believe that protest is often a long game made up of very many components. It is usually a cumulative effect which brings about change by influencing opinion and utilizing truth. Of course not all protest can be agreed upon that is part of its nature. It must therefore follow that not all protest can be legitimate or warranted, but I suspect that all protest should be considered and at least heard.

I do believe that voicing protest has value even without solution being offered, that simple process may provoke a solution, so I have answered the question I posed, a conclusion I reached some years ago now for what its worth.

Beno your remark about whether the piece was a personally held belief throws up something which I have pondered frequently whilst submitting writing to WoL. There seems to be a tendency for some to assume that everything written is a personally held belief or a personal experience. I like to challenge my own belief constantly, the best way I have found to do this is by exploring opposing beliefs and sometimes voicing them in order to provoke a response from others and gauge my own response to theirs. I believe this to be a fundamental process in learning and developing understanding, I am absolutely confident I am not alone in this thought.

I would say some protest is evidently less effective than others, with this in mind I think that the battlegrounds and timings of such undertakings are strategic, exactly like choosing the ground for a physical battle or contest. In the words of Sun Tzu: “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” or don’t engage in a battle you haven’t already won or can’t win. Often protest has a moral motivation and sometimes its truth is what ensures its ultimate conquest over evil or wrong. This does not mean that protest won’t get slaughtered or suppressed, but it is usually the case that eventually a genuine true cause will prevail over oppression or that which it is opposed to.

I really hadn’t expected any response to this piece at all, so a conversation was a bonus for which I am grateful.

Apologies for my extended ramblings.


PS, I do not believe it is incumbent upon writers to please or displease people although to do either is perfectly acceptable to my mind, it is for the writer to please himself in conveying his thoughts. It is wonderful to occupy spaces where we are able to do so in freedom.

<Deleted User> (18474)

Thu 11th Jan 2018 17:42

For me this is a dark and depressing poem. To say it's pointless to bother to try and help right injustice and bring about change for good just left me dumb.
All my heroes are people who have brought about social change for the better against all the odds.
I'm so glad its not your personal view David. I think I would have been uber disappointed.

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keith jeffries

Thu 11th Jan 2018 17:06

Is protest diminished by your words?, I think not as you lay bare the reality of impotence. Thank you. Keith

Adelaide Vi

Thu 11th Jan 2018 11:17

Hi Wolfgar,

I understand your frustration, as seeing the world's injustice and not being able to come with a viable solution often makes me think of my own helplessness.
But as to answer your question, I believe there is purpose in such writings, as it contributes to the realization of the deeper problems which lie beneath the superficiality of the everyday life.
Wish you all the best,


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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 11th Jan 2018 08:56

Thanks Adelaide and Ray,

it is frustrating this outpouring of anger coupled with what seems to be the absence of any hope or possibility of change.

Often when reviewing my own attempts to combat injustice and prejudice I seem to have only added to the problems, well it won't stop me, the crime is to do nothing.

I suppose one question would be, is writing about it without offering solution in any way purposeful?

Thanks again,


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Wed 10th Jan 2018 20:06

That familiar ring of the impotence of outpourings David, and you give it the implacable wisdom.


Adelaide Vi

Wed 10th Jan 2018 12:56

I love this one. Especially the ending.

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