march of the Paedo's

with minds so filthily crammed,

they make Summer seem like an endless 

procession of darkness

Satan like a shy choir boy

Hell, a holiday camp 

in comparison to their iniquitous deeds.


Though sickened and vengeful enough

to want them hung drawn and quartered then incinerated

and their ashes scattered into a disused cesspit

I nevertheless know that the guarantee would kick-in

of finding them once more reincarnated as others of their own vile kind


like immortal Freddy Krugers

leering in our faces, again, and again

laughing loudly above the noise of infantile screams

echoing down another resurrected Elm Street

or emitting from the bowels of a derelict building.  



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Wed 10th Jan 2018 22:31

I think that would be a great place to start Pat and Stef-tvm

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 9th Jan 2018 20:15

and the sooner some member of the lackadaisical brigade gets off their butt and closes the so-called dark web down the better!

outstanding Leon.

P&S xx

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Sun 7th Jan 2018 17:45

understandably so Jemima. KJ and David cheers guys

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Jemima Jones

Sun 7th Jan 2018 11:40

well written Leon but just reading it gives me a sickly feeling.Thank you. Jemima.

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Sat 6th Jan 2018 11:03

Hi Keith, appreciate the support. And I understand why you don't want to answer your own question Rose (thanks)since many many of us know what the answer is likely to be.

Perhaps the only way of at least denting their armour is for real sentences to be handed out like the one the 'black cab rapist' DIDN'T get.

And they, the out of touch cobwebbed brained judges with victims suffering need to get their bloody houses in order!

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Rose Casserley

Fri 5th Jan 2018 19:33

even the punishments you think they deserve Leon would be too good for them.Will their kind ever be completely eradicated? I don't even want to answer my own question.

very moving.

Rose 💋

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keith jeffries

Fri 5th Jan 2018 16:01

Hello Leon, Well said and with passion which has my full support. Thanks. Keith

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