Absolution Inters the Peace

Patriotic propaganda given out in daily missives as the Contras bled,

The redundant and true facts will be gravely missed if it’s a long lost pet,

Blown to bits with bodies of the sappers disarmed in a past pursuit,

Being just a Nazi with a brick arm and a blacker suit,

Supporting by force an overgrown spore of plutocracy where the richest are preened,

You bastards have overthrown more democracies than Hitler’s regime.




Yet again the whole next set is hauled like tenants in a gray bus to shame and deny the day,

Put together like when the OSS absolved the remnants of the SS and became the CIA,

From the ashes of World War II there was built the pillars of the greatest powers,

Without teaching our children that you hid the killers and then gave them shelter,

Then turn around and act like you always save the day as tenements then crumble more,

How fucking stupid can you be to give Nazis a place to stay but not immigrants of a civil war?




Corrupted visions of the future as the revolution enters a phase of the common freedoms,

Corruption corrupts absolutely when absolution inters the peace in a mausoleum,

To urge us to remain quiet, yet you never will silence the borders as the dead flourish,

Don’t flatter yourselves dipshits; there’s not a single honest worker at your headquarters,

So go home and save at night your medication just in case for a tactical draw,

Call yourselves heroes and burn the witnesses in a flagrant violation of international law.




Exaggerating the danger to society in certain ways as if people simmer the rats in vats of misery,

Let it be known that they are the most evil, sinister sacks of shit in history,

Even a child could see what’s happening while seeing the math adds up bitch!

Playing the record down with everything being as bad as it is,

Fuck the wall of so-called heroes; it should be called the ‘Fence for Catamites’,

Islam is a religion, and not every Christian is sent to paradise,

I can already feel the heat as during summer an end street plies a beat from the concrete music,

Perpetuating stereotypes let enduring torture techniques wipe their feet on the Constitution,

If they don’t like the truth I spoke, then feel free to blow this penis if you had wanted to once,

Oh and P.S., your so-called ‘intelligence’ has shown your weakness by responding to Trump’s.

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Ja'Net McDonald

Sat 3rd Mar 2018 06:18

Eloquent. Thoughtful. Aggressive. Virile. Challenging. Thank you.

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