On Mending a Broken Morphy Richards Bread Making Machine or The Importance of Order on the Assembly Line


I am determined to reassemble 
each and every last component
despite the slight misalignment
of the inner metal casing
which delays the completion
of this most intricate of repair jobs
for which I did not possess
the requisite tools.

On the assembly line
order is of the utmost importance
the workstation neatly arrayed
with plastic boxes full of screws and things
the worker attired in anti-static clothing
armed with specially designed magnetic gadgets
mouth and hair religiously covered
in a sterile air-conditioned factory.

I am in effect paying homage
to all those millions of consumer servants
who toil with robotic repetitiveness
solely for our end user benefit
by taking apart and marvelling
at the ingenuity and complexity
of putting together all that makes up
a Morphy Richards bread making machine.

It's been several days now
completion and closure is imminent
the slipped timing gear belt persuaded back into position
that final misaligned casing hole corrected
the offending screw twisted into place
(using a slightly worn Phillips screwdriver I might add)
and with a sigh of self-congratulatory satisfaction
I plug it in and press the 'on' button.

As it whirrs back into obedient life
I come across a 6 minute 20 second YouTube video on
'How to replace a belt in a Morphy Richards bread machine'
and wonder, do I dare watch it now, or
should I have watched it before starting this journey
into the unknown world of small kitchen appliance repair?
a subject on which I am plainly not qualified as a poet
to either contemplate or attempt.



words ©Colin Hill 2018
except 'Morphy Richards'
to whom I give thanks and praise
to their bread making machine makers

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Colin Hill

Thu 4th Jan 2018 18:53

cheers P&S and to Ana-Maria and Leon for the Likes. the weekend is almost here 😉

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 2nd Jan 2018 21:31

and the same to you Colin with Binatone Chinese knobs on but bugger all in the way of batteries.

stop poking about, put the knitting needle and scissors down and get your ariss down to Asda when they start knocking the prices down around six'ish

and you'll go home with more bread than you know who conjured up before he gave it the verbals on the mount

and speaking of bugger all that's more or less that you will have coughed up for it.

P&S xx

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Colin Hill

Tue 2nd Jan 2018 20:34

now there's an offer I can easily refuse P&S! Glad you enjoyed my yarn. Whether it works or not time will tell - the bread maker that is. The proof will be in the proverbial pudding. All the best to you both for the new year. Col.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 2nd Jan 2018 20:13

so there's no chance of you fixing one or twelve of our much overworked intimate toys then Colin?

brill yarn!

P&S xx

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