January 2018

January 2018


We sat at a restaurant had a meal which was expensive,

since it was New Year Eve, the intention was to go home

but my wife met some French people; her first language is French,

and she was happy to speak her own tongue.

I don`t speak a word of that Roman soldier's dialect and sat for

five hours waiting for twelve o`clock it was a drawn-out birth.

Went for a walk, down at the marina I thought of throwing myself

into the water to break the ennui, but the water was dark and cold

and the chance to be rescued by a dolphin was near null.

New Year 30 years ago I came to this restaurant I had fallen off a ship,

dripping wet I was nevertheless welcomed and was given food and wine,  

Next day I had a cold and decided to move inland away from the sea.

I remember when I swam ashore a dolphin came I held on to it and

the friendly animal piloted me to shallow water.

I was wondering about the dolphin, how long does one of them live?

Useless speculation, I better go into the restaurant listen to

the blaring music and be patient, one day I will be recognised.

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Hannah Collins

Wed 10th Jan 2018 21:09

I love the part about the dolphin and the rest.


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