Goodness for All

Attacks on our mountain with a lion in a hall and alluvion en masse,

Any drunkard can tell you it’s hard to keep an eye on the ball through the bottom of a glass,

I applaud the flag and draft card burners where a crooked law can rot or rust for fun,

It’s only the fair thing to do to advocate goodness for all and not just for some,
So promise me the moon, and then renovate everybody’s loft and still not cover tabs in time,

Sometimes some of them advocate brotherly love until that brother stabs their spine.




To be totally honest part of me hates love like it’s some seaweed in the sun baking quickly,

It leaves a bad taste in a mouth since the morally bankrupt fight for free speech when they’re the ones speaking freely,

A toddler could sit here and name the dumb ways we move forward as a nation,

You must have the biggest dick in the world to hate your own race or orientation,

But it is also a wrong way for aiming at a weakness,

Amateurs aim for professionalism like Kanye claiming he’s a genius,

Along with the egos of others you men just lie and slobber to clarify so ostentatiously,

I honestly wonder if any of them can dehumidify water and purify it with no electricity?

So whether pussy politician or purist preacher I say fuck your fans,

Can you all turn words into action- because I can?!




A year around the globe yet as folders pile and list the plans in an absurd way,

I swear to God it’s like watching a vulgar child that shit his pants in the third grade,

Over here stomping those feet, so why not kiss a slut that sings for teens?

To be honest again I don’t give a fuck what you think of me.




America undermined by the coal miner first to be certified and loyal as the times are changing,

I can perform minor surgery, purify oils, and design an engine,

Pay be to furloughs, and yet it occurred to me I won’t commit,

I may not be perfect by any means but I certainly know my shit,

Eyes don’t lie like a certain sorority of the sexes is caught in the mattress,

Is it ever a wonder why superiority complexes are taught to the masses?

I’ve been called a dog since before I was born, and that’s right I never was a perro bitch,

Make yourself fair game when on television to act like you’re better than the world’s kids,

Peons and fucking nitwits all of them and people thank them with an idiot summation of a wide mouth,

A zombie has been resurrected in the legal sanction of discrimination in the name of the White House,

Olaf seems less akin to this simian in his reign held through putting war on the list,

Who gives a damn what they think when any idiot with a brain can tell you who the fucking moron is?

Soon the irreversible will happen with them pushing their ball to then run into an ice age,

Big Sal wrote it now: goodness for all shouldn’t come with a price tag!

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