ūüéÜ fireworks

Old ghosts come to haunt you when you least expect them too, 

Time to put them to bed,  

and leave them behind. 

The point is you will never truly know 

and neither will they, 

They think they know you 

Yet it is clear with their actions and words 

They know nothing of you 

My love 

some people always choose safety, 

Always choose the easy Road, 

Let him lie in his marital bed of boredom 

With his ugly wife 

and carry on living his lie, 

For in the end the truth will surface 

as it always does in these situations, 

I would sooner be alone for a hundred years 

Than live a lie.  

But some people are good at it I guess.  

Afraid of fireworks 

getting grumpy and bored 

Because they would rather stay 

Than leave and be a single second alone.... 


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