In No Sense

Innocence is in no sense only if tens in nine wages is apartheid of the population,


Corruption on an official level means that friends in high places are the dark side of the nomination,


A story of truth is more glorious than literature knowledge first derived from the wooden fillings,


Respectful reputations that are more notorious than Christopher Wallace certified on the Brooklyn buildings,


My flint plus butane equals happiness when the hemp sparks right lighting the rolley’s core,


High Kings eventually fall like with the Templar Knights fighting a Holy War,


The United State presidents uphold all the rapid bomb tests,


Initially it was a usurpation of an uprising like the Mexican revolt of the Spanish conquest,


Demonized laws passed by negligent adults of the added Congress,


    Every yard has grass to grow and to pass the flow, it is like several jawbreakers crammed in the dead man’s catheter,


Torturous warfare like if Federal lawmakers planned a Red Sands Massacre,


Then these white boys use a naked dance of lust and rye to spend the night-


Which is why it is in no sense that the Feds took their native lands to justify the genocide,


That’s when they cover it up to restitute destiny of the fates,


Civilians are classified as vigilantes, while the government will execute enemies of the states,


If statues are erected for Stalin, then I can see why the marble glass stains with the dyes,


A glamorous downfall is remembered as charcoal ash rains from the skies,


 Still though the dissidents are prudent when they’re mad at me for speaking the true and chronic apology,


Time to become a new student at the academy of teaching the youth toxicology,


These streets are sewers of severed ties while they rot bread just to offer me dimes,


Separating paint from pictures just to have a rock spread from the pottery binds,


Why would I forgive those who trespass against me when they are shot dead on my property lines?


Humans claim their 11th Commandment is used in itself to break it from your clan through beaches of tits,


Because lust takes hold like governments, so take it if you can you pieces of shit!


While I was being taken hostage, I spat at its mother and kids with my liquor shots,


     I’m tired of the American government covering up their past atrocities like a cat that covers its shit in a litter box.

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