Address to the People

Legal tender accepted everywhere there are civil writs advocating kill them all,

Teachers faced with low pay, and little kids then chanting, "Build a wall!"

Miniature mediators aren't going to offend them here but still he's a beaten bitch,

Any dipshit can prop up a fence boys, but it takes an engineer to build a decent bridge.


The gods of old shall prod the cold cuts on the stone to dry,

Oldest trick in the book to withhold funds if they won't comply,

I need to now find me a seraphim praying or wooing kings,

Globalization with a throat hole incision is a decidedly American way of doing things.


Asylums for the meek, only to be etched in with fecal proportions,

Thou shall not kill until threatened with legal extortion,

Then had better get away in the cover of day to allay the ominous and longhorns,

The rain pounds the plains, and eminent domain is another way to say mafia or strong-arm.


Ciavarella and Conahan picked their side over a kid that runs home with shoes,

Day by day, and the night schleps by until the chickens come home to roost,

It's all about a buck since we're all oppressed like a hookbill in extinction,

Let this blossom as more than an address to the good will of the season.

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