greenhouse guilt

Seeing the sentenced residents

huge imported now imprisoned succulents

foreign flowers

prisoners perhaps though assured of a storm or drought free existence

yet growing there reluctantly I'm sure

crowded beneath the Victorianesque ornate wrought iron

and glass stained with their verdurous breaths. 

I pity those captive living things

and though a strange thing to do I actually apologise to them

for the actions of my fellow countrymen and women

those thieving botanists and specimen hunters 

and in doing so I shall include with condemnation 

 all Darwinian tight wearing exotic animal snatchers


who having landed on various unpopulated islands long ago

set this trend in the name of scientific discovery

relentless in their digging up of plants, netting butterflies

loading unseen before species in cramped cargo crates

some of which, and because of  this inexcusable practice

are now extinct in the wild 

with many others enduring the same enforced separation from their homelands


only to become topics for floral meal ticket conversations

usually located in mocked up desert aired conservatories

or giggled at reptilians taunted by neglectful children

who on the free side of the glass or metal bar confinements

see them only as toys

while sadly these 'exhibits' are merely just living to die.       



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Jemima Jones

Sun 31st Dec 2017 16:14

that is the point I'm making Leon even though their 'neglect' could be forgiven with them being kids but when it comes to abuse by adults that is a different story and as the last line Patricia and Stefan have hit upon says, so many of these poor things really are just living to die due to lack of real care.I appreciate your comments and Fred's liking. Thank you.Jemima.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 26th Dec 2017 21:46

the last line says it all Jemima.

P&S xx

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Mon 25th Dec 2017 13:23

boy oh boy Jemima! do I go along with your EVERY word. My Grandsons once owned a Gecko as a pet and what a sad neglected life he led

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