Every entity seems more beautiful




Every entity seems more beautiful 



I hate being wrong, I hate loving you so much I can’t have you.

I’m running out of ideas thinking how can I get to your heart, how can I make you proud, how can I return the happiness to your life. You make me cry, all your reasons make me cry and you are weak. 


I feel we belong together, I can smell it, I want to feel my fingers through your hair, I want to catch all the molecules that come from your breaths and taste them like your mouth as well. But he doesn’t want us together. He hates me.  


You make me nervous. You make my eyes shake in different ways. 

I’m just dreaming, I want to sleep forever so I can dream with you forever. I want to sleep to feel alive. 

You said you want to disappear, you said you would make her cry if she stayed, and I’m still crying, all that words coming out from your mouth are dangerous, are evil, just like her. 


I promise I will never bother you, I promise I will let you alone, I promise I will always cry for you, I will worry about you everyday to the point that I will refuse to eat, I will starve, I will die. For you.

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