Goodbye to lull-a-bye Road

Being so new at the time

having heard no more than a few nursery rhymes

three blind mice maybe

with Mum promising after reading it (in appeasing my tearful concern)

that if she ever came across that sightless trio of tail-less Rodents

she would somehow and ever so magically rectify

the severing damage inflicted 

by the carving knife-wielding Farmer's wife.



Hickory Dickory Dock

from Dad

a rhyme that will tick-tock in my memory forever.


Of course at such an early age

I could not be expected to pronounce letters of the alphabet

until a few years later

by watching my parents mouths

ever so slooooowly shaping simplistic words

in alphabetical order accompanied by the usual

 picture book illustrations

ranging from A-P-P-L-E to Z-E-B-R-A


all of which

I was gently coaxed into mimicking

although I wasn't that keen (I was told much much later)

on imitating Mums lip shaping of




even though it was beautifully whispered 

in my then tiny ear

along with her comforting breath on my cheek

followed by a good night kiss


that easily carried me away

to that cloudy land where I may have seen the likes

of Jack and Jill pail and all

on their way up the hill

having returned from a visit to

the little boy who lived down the Lane.  

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somebody like Joan Collins for example ►


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Rose Casserley

Thu 28th Dec 2017 13:25

ta muchly for the blowing me away comments guys. And so lovely to hear from you again Raj.

Rose ?

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 26th Dec 2017 21:51

WOW, Rose! this beautiful poem is bound to resonate in a lot of other peoples memories.

Bloody gorgeous!

P&S xx

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Raj Ferds

Mon 25th Dec 2017 18:48

You have risen to another level Rose with this superb piece of creative writing.

Raj xx

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Jemima Jones

Sun 24th Dec 2017 16:38

I know I keep saying it Rose but this one IS the best one of yours I have read to date.Fantastic! Thank you.Jemima.

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Sat 23rd Dec 2017 14:08

stunning! not only is this good Rose it is unbelievably good!

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