Haiku: Scheme of Things

Watery footprints

We are swallowed by the lake

No splash nor ripple

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Robert Mann

Wed 27th Dec 2017 22:13

Cynthia - thanks for picking this one up on your travels through WOL. I will let you in on the thinking involved in its composition - We would all like to leave our mark on history, but alas we are merely watery footprints on/in the eternal lake that is time, swallowed as if we never existed. Immeasurably insignificant in 'the scheme of things'.
However, I am quite prepared to accept any interpretation that the reader perceives - isn't that the point of poetry?
Best wishes.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 27th Dec 2017 17:05

Missed this earlier. Hard to know whether the fooprints are entering the lake freely , or if the lake is a predator. Which conundrum, for me, makes a really good work. Also, 'watery footprints' imply an encroachment on the lake's 'space'. Mr. Mann, the three lines could go anywhere. So again, a really interesting poem!

Maybe, you're just going for a simple swim! But the title is profound. So, not likely.

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