Not televised


will not be televised

will not be televised

will not be televised


you will not be led

you will not be encouraged

you will not be educated


you will not be nurtured

you will not be spoon fed

you will not be granted access


you must think for yourself

you must fight for yourself

you must kill for yourself


you will not be defended

you will not be protected

you will not be permitted to opt out


you will be alone

you will not be liked

you will be unfriended


all these things before change



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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 20th Dec 2017 16:41

Love and Happy Crimbo to all, live it, rage hard, never settle.


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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 18th Dec 2017 14:16

Thanks Beno,

I appreciate your comments here.

Until I came up against certain institutions and organizations I lived under the assumption that most of them functioned in a fair, reputable and beneficial way (can't believe I ever thought that now)

Some people are fortunate enough to get through life never having to fight against injustice, it is easy in such circumstances to fall into the trap of believing that all is fair, it really isn't, and so many of our systems are flawed.

All I could possibly say (and not in anyone's defense or as an apologist) is that I have not lived anywhere where it isn't exactly the same.

Many times it is systems which are flawed and not necessarily individuals, but that isn't always the case.

Another aspect of this piece to me is that some people talk the talk, some agitate and beat their chest's, expecting others to stand up and fight their fights for them and are quite prepared to see others sacrifice themselves on their behalf. Nothing much good comes for free or without hardship.


<Deleted User> (18474)

Mon 18th Dec 2017 12:52

Funny, Ive not long since read Gil Scott Heron's book The Last Holiday. It's not something I would normally read (I was trying to impress a girl, lol). I'm glad I did, what an amazing person, musician, and poet (Gil Scott Heron, not the girl. lol). Difficult read though.
This poem has opened up a big debate in my own mind about media censorship. Real people are very rarely heard. Change has been hard in the past to bring about because of this. Something social media is changing. If you have a viewpoint it is no longer important if the BBC feel it news worthy. If your point is important enough if will infect the net and be heard?
Every word is true in this poem. I think of the fight the relatives, of the fans of the Liverpool football club, had to obtain justice. It must have been quite horrendous for them. They were denied information,they were subject to scandalous accusations, lied to, tied up in red tape and generally discouraged from seeking justice for their loved ones. There are many more examples in recent history which this poem could apply to. This really is a very powerful poem. It is a great piece of work

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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 18th Dec 2017 06:38

Thank you Ray,

I had the Gil Scott Heron tune stuck in my head, and was trying to respond to it somehow.

Off to the Northern edge of Europe today, see you when I get back.


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Sun 17th Dec 2017 21:36

hI David. I notice here you have a sort of droning insistence with the first three verses with negative messages, then the fourth verse a positive one, still leaving no room for personal manoeuvre, then ending again on negatives. Impressive stuff - a bit Orwellian, especially the last line.


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