Tickle That Ivory


Written as a riddle in a diary that lately has dawned,

But the simple ass irony will say we are wrong,

Yes folks, tickle that ivory and play me a song,

Even if it comes out jagged like we’re cutting meat with a piece of glass,

Give me something to live for; in other words something sweet and nothing crass.



All comers welcome to arrive in a noose,

Pick a day and I’ll fuck you up right, but tonight there’s a truce,

Robes out to let it sink into their memory that once there were bridges,

Barkeep, keep drinks for my enemies and blunts for their bitches,

Nothing incriminating here as if to force a link to the Cayman Isles,

Which will then only end in doom for the sailors,

So yeah why not pour a drink for the pedophiles,

Then just go ahead and rent a room for a rapist,

Sure we can sign a declaration if it’s after the shots,

No record of betrayal when now is the time for celebration as I gather my thoughts,

These partygoers were never one to go save a few deer or a mud lake,

Now that the toast is over, I only hope that the tetrodotoxin tastes more like ether than a cupcake,

We can remember otherwise like when the grief of the Taíno wouldn’t shake their severed hands as a ploy,

Laid out in front of our eyes, the keys of a piano could make a devil dance in joy,

Getting lucky is the motto if they had made out with a hot bird or crumpet,

If the poison has taken hold, I see that they as they all lay helpless my Mossberg is loaded,

Motive or mystery, from here I’d murder no pal for self or for team,

Awaken my child to feel that your personal cell is held in a dream.

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