Face changer

No that wasn't him last night

allowing his fists to be used

by a wife beater.


No that wasn't him last night

letting his voice be used to scream profanities

by a Neanderthal.


No that wasn't him last night

giving permission for his booted feet to be used to smash the house up

by a raging lunatic 


No that was someone else

whose apology is now as empty

as his whisky bottle.




© Stef Wilde 13/12/2017  


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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Fri 15th Dec 2017 13:30

good for you Rose! I have a sister who did put up with this evil crap for years and despite our efforts to get her away from her demonic husband/monster she would always go back to him

definitely a case of having to wash our hands of trying unfortunately

and yes it is sickening to think Leon that it is and always will be going on at this moment and probably forever

indebted to you both-Stef

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Thu 14th Dec 2017 20:11

and to think these kind of deplorable actions are probably going on right now and I think moreso at this time of year.Turns my stomach to even hear or read about it.And the worst part about most of these domestic disputes is that poor kids are made to witness it.Sickening to say the least.

Cheap supermarket booze has a lot to answer for. Good that you reminded us Stef

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Rose Casserley

Thu 14th Dec 2017 15:56

personally Stef I wouldn't put up with that kind of behaviour for a SECOND! and I do really pity those poor weak women who do so. Well written.

Rose ?

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 13th Dec 2017 23:21

cheers a lot Kev


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