putting fear to flight

she is losing the battle

but continues fighting

while knowing defeat is certain

knowing the terrible consumer

is working  towards destructive victory

beneath her calm exterior


there isn't any need for her apology

for having tried to go it alone

but the thought of her trying to do so

humbles me

and I struggle with unwanted gulps


here is a lady

who always insisted

on being the last in the queue

of the less fortunate


now here she is

terminally besieged

virtually a rapidly decaying

skin bag of bones

attempting to make

what she wants to be

a necessary smile


albeit incapable

of disguising deaths nearness 


she holds out 

a braver than brave skeletal hand

to glove mine


the feel 

finding its way

to my crying heart


a feel that I know

she wants to soothe the birth

of my forthcoming sorrows   

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 13th Dec 2017 20:25

such a brave lady Jemima and one who leaves behind a legacy to not only be remembered but as an inspiration for those in the same terrifying situation.Great tribute girl!

P&S xx

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Jemima Jones

Sun 10th Dec 2017 18:04

and very much deserved Leon.Thank you.Jemima.

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Fri 8th Dec 2017 23:03

such a brave lady indeed Jemima and such a well-written appraisal of her bravery

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Jemima Jones

Fri 8th Dec 2017 18:33

she was a neighbour of mine who had suffered for many years previous to being hospitalised and had done so much for our community.I'm sure beyond all doubt Rose that God will indeed bless her.Thank you along with M.C. David and Adam.Jemima.

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Rose Casserley

Fri 8th Dec 2017 15:37

leaving this life in the way this poor soul did really must take so much courage.God bless her and you Jems for this beautiful dedication.

Rose ?

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 8th Dec 2017 13:01

A touching tribute to the unspoken fortitude with which
some folk face terminal illness...and the effect it can have
on others.

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