Idle Hands Occupy


Execs think there's no greater threat than a day of marijuanos in the land of the rugged grass,


Throw them off their pedestal like when René Barrientos had a hand up his puppet ass,


Sticky fingers cannot grasp the concept, so can't you capture a bygone plea?


Isn't it ever questioned which companies manufactured Zyklon B?


A prefrontal cortex contemplates if tactical pack provisions are used for purge plots,


Without buying out the industry like the capital acquisitions of Rupert Murdoch,


A life well spent wastes well since even dead workers lost things from the lives of what we've accomplished,


How far can America go when Ted Turner's offspring occupies a seat in Congress?


Corporate assassination looms as the facet strikes the bell at 10 tonight for prelim ends,


I’ll wipe my ass with a journal on Wall Street as I grab the mic to yell "Genocide!" on CNN.




The unmasked remain unhindered in the hands of economies for the cabaret dames,


While it seems that capitalism splintered from a branch of theocracy like the Latter-Day Saints,


Except a paper demon allegedly has indicators that spy the president's throne,


If you live in the past, then you're no better than the imitators that try to resurrect Rome,


A concrete jungle opposite of Oaxaca precipitation stormed the green area,


How fair to restrict our weapon use when the Obama Administration armed a Free Syria.




All around the world people shall use a console to rig the shrugging seamen,


Intoxicate or inebriate the inbred idiots, as this mongrel will kick your fucking teeth in!


You can even bring your rich dad to an event when blurred laws entered it,


Storms brewed are stopped because the Smith Act was an attempt at bourgeois censorship!


Continuous, coercive actions result in violence as the racist loop rids the comments,


Don't call me ignorant when you probably supported David Duke's bid for office,


You even make cockroaches look bad since the rival Klans thought you fried the central circuits,


Lynch a rapist and a racist at the same time as these idle hands occupy the devil's purpose.

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