THE YEZEDI GENOCIDE 2014 Mount Sinjar Iraq

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Our peacock-angel faces shine

In this fierce Mesopotamian sun:

We survived the Byzantines: the Greeks.

Assyrian Christians became our friends.

We traded with the Jews of Nineveh and saw

The Ottomans rise and fall.

We are the Êzidî, our first year was 4,750 years before

The crucifixion in Jerusalem.

Some say we have been here forever, like the sun.

We pray to Holy Beings, the Angels left behind

These shadows say

Our origins are lost in the Seven Mysteries,

Tawûsê Melek  is our friend,

The Peacock Angel of so-many colours,

The angel of Saytan.


Now on Sinjar the Salafists are enjoying a killing feast

We have no book so Sharia says we can be raped

Children and old women beheaded, men buried alive.


Our beautiful women hide their faces in slavery,

Our mysteries are spat upon, our children raped,

We are in the crosshairs of persecution again.

Daesh rapists and murderers are from the US, UK.

Azi Dahaka, has broken free to terrorize the world

Zarathustra, hides behind the sun.


We curse these barbarians: let their sun and moon darken,

Let their world be forever winter,

Let all their beliefs crumble:

Let them feel the pain of what they have done

...and still the west does not come.



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Big Sal

Wed 6th Dec 2017 23:54

Very solemn, very intense, and very good poem.

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