I stand there shaking,

An assortment of pills in front of me.

All lined up.

Different sizes, shapes, and colors,

Yet they have the same goal.


I'm weeping

As if this is my last time I ever will...

Maybe it will be.


It wasn't.


I stand there, yet again.

However, this time I have a blade.

A long, shiny, silver knife

To cut my smooth, white, gentle skin.

The same goal stuck in it as was in the pills.


Perhaps this time I willl really be my final weep.

My final call for help that no one answered.


It wasn't.


The pain was believed to be gone,

Yet I wind up back where I started.


However, unlike before,

I have a new friend.

One named Hope.

And Hope will keep me here

Until God decides to let me go.



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