accidently Paris

Accidently in Paris


From the bus station in Paris, I was taking a taxi to a posh

part of Paris, the driver a Moroccan didn`t know the way, but I had a map

he could not read, so I navigated, first left, second right and so one.

We got there after three hours, I tried to pay, but the driver would

not hear of it, made a U. turn and shot at me, he was a lousy shot

I stood there in the street of houses ready to expel anyone

who didn`t behave rich and since I walk like a penguin was accepted,

They say a blond girl has much fun, but I tell you a bald man has

more fun at Molin Roughs, (wrongly edited.)

Synchronized dancing and I was thinking when are we going

to eat? Someone a woman I was temporally in love with, arranged

so I could have soup. It was a feathery show, and I sneeze a lot. 



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Hannah Collins

Mon 4th Dec 2017 17:23

Never a dull moment in Paris. Great.

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Mon 4th Dec 2017 11:00

very entertaining as usual jan

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