Why the Skies Fell Cold


The frozen wastes have chipped at us like battleships in the pockets of weather,

Extinction only matters to a capitalist when the profits are severed,

A great loss in the age we stand in can still manage to find the win cordial,

Caves lost to man since the passage of time immemorial,

Unprecedented contamination as sandalwoods unplanted are burned with air masks,

Retarding the flames against the fan and candle wicks mordanted with alum or Borax.


Abraham knew sacrifice came at a cost just as Agamemnon must oblige by an Artemis throne,

Hospitals and schools are burned and bombed with Russian carpet-bombs justified by American drones,

So allow it to sink in if the shoe fits on your thumb like a bad habit or another carbon stain,

Only a damn a fool would shoot shit into their sun like a crack addict or an elder Marvin Gaye.


Poaching fences don't do shit even if a buffer past the void is built,

Humans will wipe out the planet's ecosystem before another asteroid will,

It still wouldn't be enough even if I had said that the dads I know tried,

You'll still have to explain to our kids why now the ice melts whole,

You'll have to explain to our kids why the black rhinos died,

And you'll have to explain to yourself why the skies fell cold.

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