A pregnant woman can do as she likes, yes, I too believe

In a woman`s right; but a pregnant woman has the responsibility

of a new life growing inside her and it is paramount that

the beginning of life has the right to be born.

It is often single, uneducated women who get into the predicament 

instead of making her into a killer, we should help to give her

economic help so she and her child can live with dignity.

Women who are busy breaking the glass ceiling when finding

themselves pregnant have an abortion as a matter of course, and

in the name of success commit murder.

I`m also against adoption it is a capitalist invention, take from the poor

and give it to the rich, and it is of no help, as the birth mother will regret it

and the child when an adult will ask, why did my mother give me away?




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kJ Walker

Sat 2nd Dec 2017 08:58

I think you're going to divide opinion with this one Jan. I can see arguments for and against.
The only thing I'd say, is that no one takes that decision lightly.


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