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The tree has been
always associated
with life-
life and regeneration
of all times~

To primitive man
the tree was the main aspect
of many sources
from shelter to food
heat from the fire
and clothing from the bark
the tree has been used
to make tools~

Often it served as Weapons
a little wonder that
the tree evolved so much
the Pagan believes were
That tree was the Incarnation~

Kings, Queens, Emissaries
and Priests carried the branches
of sacred trees
which became a symbol
that the barrier
was an emissary of Gods himself?

The symbolism of that
was most common in Europe?
where people practiced
special tribute to the trees
where in the lore and mythology
trees became very special indeed
Trees are the Symbols of Life~

© 2008  Zuzanna Musial




<Deleted User> (4281)

Fri 18th Jan 2008 07:00

Kevin, I did hug a tree, I am not ashamed to do that in a day light. The trees are not only beautiful but hugable too. Imagine the world if there were no trees? There will be no balance in the Nature.

So when you get here I will take you to a park where there is a very unique tree that you can easily sit on each branch and have a lunch there. A low thick and spread branches - the kids usually occupy that tree as you know all kids love the climb on them. Like I said I will love my Trees forever. Even ENYA sings about them a beautiful song. One of my favorite. Thank you for reading and the great comment...Zuzanna

Kevin Connolly

Fri 18th Jan 2008 00:33

The Special Branch, lol.
I love trees, Zuzanna! I don't go as far as hugging them, but I would (if nobody was looking).
I read a story today about a self-destructing tree that has just been discovered... it's so big that it can be seen from outer-space! (Check the BBC science pages, you'll see it there.)

My tree tribute... I wrote this for a 'poet-tree' competition in 2007, and it was printed out and hung up on a tree in Derry, Ireland, for people to read as they passed by the tree:

They’re chopping down all the trees to make millions of sheets, millions of reams, for people like me to crumple and throw into wastepaper baskets.
I’ll start again.
They’re chopping down all the trees, so my fellow scribes and I can write endless litanies of heartfelt words about how they’re chopping down all the trees.

<Deleted User> (4281)

Mon 14th Jan 2008 05:43

Philip ~ Thank you for your great comment!
The TREE it is a symbol of life'- Also a Family Tree it is very popular and often people keep close eye on the family history and roots. I am glad you found this poem interesting. Was not aware of having a special branch in the Police.This is very intriguing!

Thank you ...Zuzanna

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Philip Golding

Sat 12th Jan 2008 07:54

You have captured the synbolc relationship we have with trees.
Even in thepolice we have Special branch haha.
Enjoyed your poem. More please

<Deleted User> (4281)

Thu 3rd Jan 2008 04:57

Clarissa~ I adore trees. All kind of trees. The bigger the most magnificent to look at! I love the Baobab... African trees that really provide a shelter for local people. I was amazing when looked at the pictures from Africa and the use of those particular trees. The picture attached to my write shows that particular tree.

Thank you for your sweet comment!


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clarissa mckone

Thu 3rd Jan 2008 00:38

Hi Zuzanna, nice poem, trees are so special!

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