Old man looking back in time



He remembers it well when the Mediterranean was

rich grassland had many lakes and the people

living there never starved.

A mountain ridge between Spain and Africa kept

the Atlantic Ocean away, but a seer had been on top

of the ridge and seen the mighty ocean, and felt the strain

of the mountain and took to warning people to move

upland; only a few listened and moved to Cadiz.

Earthquake, big fissure in the mountain keeping the ocean

at bay; it took forty days and forty nights, only a few people

with their chattel escaped.

The new ocean was now called: “Between Land Sea.” and people took up sailing,

trading and warring, later tourists came who

had no interest in the passing of time, and that is ok, I understand

that most goats ended up in Spain and the donkeys in Tripoli. 

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