Uncommon Piece

I’ve lived my whole life by the cottonwood trees,

If just to give up all my rights for the common of the peace,

Never did I think that this day would ever come,

Basking in martyrdom that the fray could never shun,

The question of life isn’t a cost of embryos to the end pay,

Giving hope to the people like los remedios de la gente,


Our footprints in the sand shall fade in the wind,

While aching to begin, the oceans of the land will wait for the End.



So I say mountains for the fiefdom, and castles to the keep!

Life’s a beach as thousands on the island then battle for a week,

Namaste, rest in peace, all the things that we say,

Common grief left its feet at the scenes of happy days,

Sometimes I wish I were a bird to fly,

Endless nights as I perch up right and search the sky for a perfect pie,

But for certain I,

-Will say it saps you when you’re strong, and meets you when you’re weak!

Perhaps a future in disguise back when you were young and seen through friends for sheep,

Yet I can only say, and repeat a word of wisdom,

If that’s all it takes to doubt- then be my guest and merge the schism!

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Javis Tobias

Wed 6th Dec 2017 03:36

Dope! I dig your writings, thought provoking piece here!!

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