Eyes are the windows to the soul, so they say.
Well yours, my darling, all but take my breath away.
Inviting, captivating, and mesmerising beauty.
Pools of stardust, that twinkle, glitter, sparkle so cutely.

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Kayleigh Denton

Wed 29th Nov 2017 11:24

Thank you David ?

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David Taylor-Jones

Wed 29th Nov 2017 07:55

This is a beautiful poem and perfectly concise. There's something so precious about the beauty of being truly seen and truly seeing another

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Kayleigh Denton

Wed 29th Nov 2017 02:11

Thank you Fred for yet another uplifting comment.

I too, have always found eyes to be a thing of mystery and wonder.

I feel that each person's aura, if you will, or personality to use more basic terms, shines through their eyes.

I believe that one can truly understand another just by looking into their eyes for even a moment.

I was debating whether or not to extend this piece of writing, but I felt that keeping it short just made sense.

I also felt that the descriptive nature of it allowed for individual interpretation. In the sense that, I'm sure any person who is to read these words, can think of a special person in their life to which they can relate them.

PS. I shall be sure to have a read of some of your writing, keep an eye out for my name amongst the comments :)

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Rick Varden

Wed 29th Nov 2017 00:45

Great this, I was waiting for more but the poem says a lot as it is. It’s all so true, I actually seem to have a knack for ‘reading eyes’. Eyes can show pain, love, sadness, depression, interest and much much more Kayleigh. Well done and thank you for your descriptive yet sensitive work.
Ps try and check out ‘talking eyes’ on my blog’

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