attic space


the attic space
is a crawling space


with spider nest homes
and house fly homes


there are empty boxes
filled up boxes


of odds and ends
that never end


some carpet pieces
lost jigsaw pieces


kids toys for the next


keepsakes from the past


why am I here?
well that’s not so clear


I see the time has flown
the bulb has blown


now I’m all alone
yes I’m all alone


in this dark debris
of  memories

                                                                                                        words ©Colin Hill 2017


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Colin Hill

Wed 24th Jan 2018 08:24

Hi Lexa, I just came across your comment from December and must apologise for not having responded. And to my previous poem too. I'm glad you enjoyed them and hope it's not too late to wish you all the best for the new year. Colin.

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Lyrical Lexa

Thu 14th Dec 2017 03:18

I so clearly saw my own attic full of kids toys for next generations and keepsakes for next generations. Love this Colin

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Colin Hill

Sun 26th Nov 2017 09:23

thank you for your kind words Parul. I hope you have a peaceful Sunday with lots of yummy cake!


Sun 26th Nov 2017 09:19

Yes, spaces and boxes and time and memories and people. Crazy.
Loved it. So simple and unpretentious.

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Colin Hill

Thu 23rd Nov 2017 16:59

cheers David - I think it was the repeated words in your 'Relationship Karma' poem that stuck in my head and manifested themselves here in this.

I like your idea of a 'memory attic' - stuff we store away in our noggins that maybe could/should be deleted but as I mentioned to Beno below, who knows when some of that stuff might come in useful?

thanks mate, and to Dipta and Des for the Likes. Col.

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David Taylor-Jones

Thu 23rd Nov 2017 16:49

I liked this one Colin, it made me think about my own memory 'attic' where I store all of my history. Some of it could well be cleared out now. I liked the structure too, the easy rhythm made the poem very accessible and the use of repeated words set up a nice tempo at the start.

Thoughtful stuff as ever.

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Colin Hill

Thu 23rd Nov 2017 08:21

Hi Beno, thanks for the Like and comment. Yeah it's a tough job but one that can also be full of positives if approached at the right time and in the right frame of mind. Tidy and box up everything you want to keep and if you're not sure about something then don't throw or give it away - it's not always apparent now what we might want in the future. Good luck and welcome to WoL btw. I have been reading and enjoying your poems which have been well received. All the best, Colin.

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Wed 22nd Nov 2017 12:17

Enjoyed this.
I've got to tidy my dads loft out after my mum died. I can't face the memories I will find, just yet. So I keep putting it off.

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Colin Hill

Wed 22nd Nov 2017 08:56

thank you Keith, Ray and Lynn - glad you enjoyed my clamber in the attic. I spent the afternoon up there - not really an attic, more of a crawl space - replacing a shower extractor fan! Pleased to say it's working again and a poem was extracted in the process too. Win Win. Cheers, Col.

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lynn hahn

Wed 22nd Nov 2017 02:32

Ahhh we both went thru memories today or had thoughts of them. Love this poem!

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Tue 21st Nov 2017 21:48

You are not alone Col. In the torchlight you see thoughts and impressions. A nice easy poem on the eye , a separation of house and sky.

Last week I wrote one about Roofs and mentioned attix - not posted; how strange . Are we aligned ? I hope so !
Take care. Ray

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keith jeffries

Tue 21st Nov 2017 20:14

Colin, a poem with universal appeal as all the countries I have lived and worked in have attics filled with the same contents. I emptied my parents attic 10 years ago and discovered gas masks, an army great coat and a Daily Express published on the day of the Coronation. A treasure trove. Thank you for this.Your poem might provoke some crawling about. Keith

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