Seeing Dying

Today I helped someone die.


He didn’t die at home,

But He didn’t die alone,

He didn’t die in pain,

And He had no discomfort,

He just slept, and He slept,

And They wept, and They wept.


The Love Ones close by,

I saw all of Them cry,

And I did what I should,

and I did what I could,

And He slept, and He slept,

And They wept, and They wept.


At the end They left.

Some gave me a hug,

One gave me a kiss,

One just a hand,

They all said They would never forget me,

And I believe Them.


I went to the office and cried,

Hope nobody saw.

I went home and cried in the bath,

My girlfriend didn’t see.

I cry writing this.

Now all of you see.

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Hannah Collins

Fri 8th Dec 2017 20:58

Very moving. A strong theme, sensitively written.


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Wed 22nd Nov 2017 07:13

Nice to meet you too Fred. It's great to hear poems read live by the author., it gives them so much depth and feeling. See you next time. I'd read this but I'd cry, it's still raw.
Wolfgar, I know how your girlfriend felt. I've done this work on and off for years. I'm feeling very brittle these days. I think I'm nearly burnt out. I'm good at it that's the problem. I don't know whether that's a gift or a curse but that's why I keep doing it.
Thank you all for your likes and comments. My next post will be something very light!!!

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Fred Varden

Wed 22nd Nov 2017 00:33

Great stuff dude, great to meet you earlier at WoL in Sale, Manchester. Keep it going. Really gritty piece. Cheers


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Tue 21st Nov 2017 22:00

Right to the heart of the matter with no frills - excellent stuff and definitely conveying the simplicity of just giving in when there is no alternative Beno.


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 21st Nov 2017 20:22

A very interesting piece Beno and thought provoking.

I once had a girlfriend who worked at The Royal Marsden hospital (Cancer Hospital), she had worked there for years and had seen death on a very regular basis.

Obviously it impacted on her, I honestly do not know how she coped with seeing death on that scale and sometimes in heart wrenching circumstances.

I have unfortunately seen my fair share of death over the years and whilst much of it has been upsetting it is not that which troubles me most. I find real horror is to witness suffering, sometimes that is the suffering of those left behind or even those such as your character who operates within the system.

It was the same for my girlfriend, often the death she witnessed came with sorrow but was blessed by the relief of pain and suffering, her difficulty was with witnessing the pain and suffering of the families dealing with the trauma of loss.

Death is final, suffering can endure for what seems an age.

For me if poetry provokes thought and ideas it is very much doing something worthwhile, so thanks for that.


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Tue 21st Nov 2017 18:30

Thanks for your likes. I tried to just put down what I thought at the time and not to edit it (I've been reading Saber's stuff). I've never done that before. I hope it gives the subject the dignity and respect it deserves as well as driving home how powerful these moments are for everyone concerned. Thanks Again. Beno.

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John Coopey

Tue 21st Nov 2017 16:42

Succinct and powerful, Beno.
Keep posting.

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Trevor Alexander

Tue 21st Nov 2017 13:52

I've heard 'who watches the watchers', but who helps the helpers? An emotional and thought provoking piece.

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