Poets are not entitled


Poets are just people 

they fuck each others wives

they have hate and greed and envy

and ordinary lives


Karadzic was a poet

his words were worth forgetting

and though many still don’t know it

he was subliminally blood letting


Don’t place too high a value

on the access to expression

read a little history

and learn a worthwhile lesson




https://www.opendemocracy.net/5050/heather-mcrobie/what-should-we-do-about-radovan-karadžić’s-poetry   (Click on the link within the link)


In response to the often elevated status of poets and the recognition that they do not exist solely for good, worth remembering.


There is nothing exclusive about poetry, we are all receptive to it in different ways.  



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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 17th Nov 2017 10:07

Well, thanks all for those comments very much obliged, I didn't expect much response to this one, so everything has been a bonus.

There are some interesting points made which beg the question about separating an artist from his art, how much those two entities overlap and if it is acceptable to appreciate art created by not such nice people, or more importantly those who have repugnant views.

For me a prime example of this would be Wagner, whose music I really enjoy, but because of his political views and sympathies people often recoil if you mention you like his works. It is rather tedious to have to trawl through an explanation of your appreciation when all you want to discuss is the product not the man.

It's a difficult one, and some people revel in it. I suppose an awareness of the truth regarding an artist is at the core of the subject, and the truth about many artists is and has been historically clouded by myth and legend building.

Thanks again,


PS. yes Stu, Karadzic had the best worst haircuts ever.

And here's a meaningless link pop-pickers. X


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suki spangles

Thu 16th Nov 2017 23:26

Hi David,

Not to mention poets who beat the crap out of their better halves, and are regarded as tortured souls for doing so. Or others, whose speciality seems to be suiciding their lovers. Probably just bad luck. We've all done it..


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Thu 16th Nov 2017 16:50

Tongue well and truly in cheek - not like you David. (Oh yes it is). A very refreshing appraisal of self delusion rampant in the pseudo world of arts, not just in poetry. I bought a book of Banksie graffiti and that hits the spot for me . Harold Wilson's wife Mary had poems published - I don't think any of it was political, but it could have been ; and it's not really relevant to this discussion but hey, so what?


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Stu Buck

Thu 16th Nov 2017 16:37

he had some utterly brilliant hairstyles though

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 16th Nov 2017 16:27

Always stimulating. Always challenging. Always thoughtful.
Always welcome on WOL!

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keith jeffries

Thu 16th Nov 2017 11:45

David, this poem provides more than sufficient evidence that within every poet there lives a philosopher. A good and challenging piece of work. Thanks. Keith

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 16th Nov 2017 11:08

Not very poetic at all really, just wanted to challenge some stupid thinking.

That's all, apologies for the gender specific first verse, simply making a point that poets aren't some kind of transcendent beings superior in any way to those not afflicted by luviness, as some appear to believe or so it seems.

So much bullshit spoken, I don't exclude myself before anyone mentions it.

Have a fucking lovely day.

PS that last "fucking" is the one I replaced with the word "worthwhile" in the last verse. I thought it was gratuitous, so I used it gratuitously here instead, hope you don't mind too much, chin chin.


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