The muse / the nowhere poems


Find my 

words in

your breath,


when a moment

takes your

breath away. 


I write

to your 



I write 

to the woman

you are

and the 


you someday 

might be.


the daughter

the wife

the mother 

the grandmother,

the beauty 

of all time



and though

always I

will just be a far

away witness,


think not less

of me,

for I have

written to

you, the best

that I can.


without need

without hunger

without pretending

to be anything else

that I am.


and love

seems like

such a

little word.


From a 

thousand miles


I applaud 



as long

and as

loud and

as hard as

I possibly 



stars bend

at the sight

of you,


just to be

nearer to

where you



just as you have

bended me.


and I 

am so much 

the better 

for it.


I am so

much more

of everything.






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Tina Glover

Thu 7th Dec 2017 03:31

Beautifully written

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Hannah Collins

Sun 19th Nov 2017 15:09

Heartfelt, beautiful writing.


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