Autumn Capriccio

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Autumn Capriccio


In the rain, see again the paling palate there,

On poplar tree, stick thin, boughs all feather flared.

Edges which North-Wind rustle-tussle to dainty shimmer.

Lingering, the varnished drops of umber glimmer.

In every breath, a florid flood of clusters pour,

Earth’s face they grace, each freckle placed, upon the floor.


The bleak break, in Heaven’s name. Gold now fare,

 Burnished Sun and duck-egg scape, in friendship pair,

Frail rays, fall and fail, on dappled jumble,

Copper crotchets, falling notes, that turn and tumble.

To pepper page, with author’s flow,

An Autumn vignette, turn capriccio.


In beloved loft, poplar tree, the blackbird reign.

Spies the score, with love and more, sings out refrain.

Whistles in, the whistling wind, his melody profound,

Which heave-full, leave-lull, on folded sound.

Sung for me, this song is free, and truely blessed,

The miracle, from which it flow, his little chest.

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Peter Taylor

Fri 14th Dec 2018 21:11

This poem is simply outstanding. Did it get stuck in the WOL maze for a week or so, hence the long-ish pause in commentary? No matter, it's out there and being gulped down.

I had to look up capriccio....

WOL is lucky to to have attracted your attention.

Peter T


Fri 14th Dec 2018 19:57

Hiya Beno

I am in awe of your stuff already mate... sadly by the time you are acclaimed as poet Laurette I will more likely have snuffed it.

WAIT! You are so young and I am so old! It is not as bad as it sounds.

Trust me if you carry on like this young lad, it is not if but indeed when.

This is sick... jus get'n down with the kids lol


jennifer Malden

Fri 14th Dec 2018 18:33

Beautiful language again. Am green (a nice shade of lime) with envy!Do you just turn them out as easily as it would seem, or do they require some effort? The impression is no. Treasure island is fantastic too. Should it be palette rather than palate in the first line?


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Tue 21st Nov 2017 12:27

Hi Beno
Wow! Beautiful language in this poem. Talented guy. Cheers for like too fella

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Hannah Collins

Mon 20th Nov 2017 20:49

Beautiful, poetry, imagery, I enjoyed this so much.

Thanks also for your much appreciated comment on my blog.


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Thu 16th Nov 2017 18:50

Thank you everyone. This is such a lovely supportive community to belong to. I will start with Seamus Heaney, then move onto the others.

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Stu Buck

Thu 16th Nov 2017 16:43

it took me years to be able to write with this amount of confidence in my words. like a fountain of imagery and texture, proper grown up poetry.

i see you were looking for book recommendations. i can heartily recommend the following;

physical - andrew mcmillan
book of sorrow - leonard cohen
any of the forward compilations

really enjoyed reading this and your other work.

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Wed 15th Nov 2017 22:44

I think your poem shows a real talent for descriptiveness Beno; if you're new to the game you're off to a head start.
You show a grandiose style and a fine sense of the romance of nature.


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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 15th Nov 2017 22:26

Ah Seamus Heaney from County Londonderry or Derry whichever is your persuasion. We Brits claimed him very publicly when he was awarded Nobel prize in literature 1995, it caused a little furore in the Irish Republic at the time.

I would recommend his collections "New selected Poems 1966-1987" and "New selected Poems 1988-2013" both available on Amazon.

Just as a taster here he is reading one of my favorites of his "Digging"


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Wed 15th Nov 2017 18:17

Thanks for all your lovely comments. I didn't go to school much and failed English, so I didn't get much exposure to poetry. I got interested in it about three months ago, and my Auntie said a good place to start was Manley Hopkins. So your right Tony. I bought a book of ebay and love reading it. Someone else has said to try Seamus Heaney. So Im going to buy another book soon. Have you got any recommendations for me??

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Wed 15th Nov 2017 14:15

Wow. That was wonderful the first time through and more so the second...

Tony Hill

Wed 15th Nov 2017 12:08

Enjoyed the poem, Beno, and judging by the alliteration, syntax and rhythms you're a lover of GMH. Tony

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 15th Nov 2017 09:52

Hi Beno,

It's a great title for a start.

To be honest I can't say too much as I couldn't do it justice really, the words are dripping with images almost overpowering.

I had to read some of it in isolation just to fully appreciate it.

It is a great piece of work, you should be very pleased.


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