Inauguration Day


A round on me since all of the faint pain is about to cave soon like it's coal,

All voices awash in a sea in the same way that sound waves boom in a bowl,

I can say to them now though, let's go ride for an evasion,

I'm suited up and wearing my best bowtie for the occasion,

No umbrella or ruined method while the pitter patter of the rain sticks like a cosplay date,

Damn nothing but a whippersnapper with a cane slick as a Broadway play,

Fancy as adversity here to face the modesty with a stare,

It's not even the little man's first day in office yet, and already I taste hypocrisy in the air,

Free speech is free to all foes since I don't push for castration if they're laughing at my rhyme now,

Here's a standing ovation of my big bird, so congratulations I'm clapping with my gun out,

Now there are precedents for me to cite freedom of speech and the Second Amendment,

But even if I did you'd fight even in your sleep for the weapon is deadpan,

A comedy so dreadful that even the catatonic get the joke,

The catastrophe is over thanks to an animatronic bed of coats,

Tax breaks on the already rich to fraud the IRS of a lake of dimes gilded with flakes,

So now I'm supposed to applaud the efforts of snakes to find hidden eggs?

So don't mind me as long as you hope to soak your hair,

When done playing alligators and swampthings; try not to go and poke the bear,

I'm not referencing Russia even to say the wrong thing for dum-dums to whiz by their face,

Fuck fascism to not be the only one that would pay a bounty for someone to piss on its grave,

Suddenly all cards are off the table when happily courting crooks with a few missives and smiles,

Falling down the stairs so if every morning would then the new dickheads could rise,

Here's my toast for some ruthless luck so here's hoping you win a fucking life of shit,

As bad as he is, it's no worse than every stupid fuck that voted for him and justifies it,

So I pour my drink in a lucid, wet glass I tried with absinthe,

I only hope when this is done I can get one of those stupid red hats to wipe my ass with.

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