Tainted memories

You actually scare me 

You believe your own lies

And I'm still hung Up on it

I'm not good at goodbyes 

And it's so infuriating

That you throw on this act 

But you lied about me 

How did you think I'd react? 

See when a friendship ends

And you thought that it couldn't 

A friendship that was strong 

A friendship that shouldn't 

A friendship based on lies

Deceit, hurt and betrayal

A friendship that broke down 

A friendship that failed 

You lied to me daily 

You made me think that you cared

I thought I could trust you

When I was hurt lost or scared 

But you seem to have forgot

The things I did for you 

You miss that out in your stories 

That I was there for you too

When you'd call me at night

Saying you wanted to check out 

That your son had hurt you 

That he'd made you shout 

And then again when you told me

The sad things from your past

And I helped you remember 

That suffering doesn't last

And  you called in the Morning 

Just after half nine

And I walked in to you crying

drinking a second glass of wine 

And I knew you were troubled

But for you I stayed

And now I question my worth 

Every second of the day

Because when relationships end

That's a normal thing 

It happens all the time 

And yeah it leaves a sting 

But when a friendship ends 

It fills you with cold 

It makes you feel sick 

And a young soul grows old

And you know you lied to me 

And I wish I had seen 

And now my memories are tainted

So thanks for this, Justine



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Sat 11th Nov 2017 10:37

Loved this. Lovely flow , so easy it read and feel. Very real, so sad. Beno.

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