Treasure Island

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Treasure Island


End of summer, 'fore winters coming, in term break set a sail,

We cast the mast to roam from home, for Treasure Island tale.

Pirate ship, holiday trip, on beach in foam, and spray,

Black Jack and Long John on stormy Whithorn play.


Wave on wave the crest curls surge, breakers roar and smack.

Surf in retreat, sound carbine rounds, pebbles tumbling back.

Battle ground, war cries resound, children shout and squeal,

Fight and flight against the tide, with heady dash and zeal.


A daring rush to rock outcrop, between the flood the fail,

Returning lash, around them splash, cuts off their homeward trail.

Driftwood muskets, shells in buckets, defend archipelago,

As gales gust and oceans rush, besiege them all below.


Like gun smoke, the steaming sea, their hair all crystal beaded,

Coalesce on face, the silver trace, on cheeks the mock tears seeded,

For comrade lost, his gum boots topped, retires in dampened hoses,

For Lucozade, and Mum's first aid, in stockaid gently dozes.


Skirmish over, back to Dover, walking hand in hand.

War forgotten, spoils ill gotten picked from rippled sand.

Muscle cups, and winkle whirls, cockles ribbed and fanned.

Family fun, over, done, our Treasure Island band.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 8th Nov 2017 16:21

Avast there! Shades of R.L Stevenson indeed. This bodes
well for future posts...congratulations.

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Wed 8th Nov 2017 12:54

Wow John and Wolfgar. Thank you for your lovely comments. I only started writing and reading poetry 8 weeks ago and this is my 6th poem. I wanted to produce a poem you could read to a child why maybe reliving moments from your own youth.Thanks again.

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 8th Nov 2017 10:34

Hi Beno,

What great days and a lovely joyful poem with some wonderful images.

Lovely stuff.


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John Coopey

Wed 8th Nov 2017 09:28

This is excellent, Beno. Not just technically but it captures the setting and mood so well.

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