The Unknown Soldier

How brave he was

How brave and brave

Lying there in the open field

Stilled and rigid by death

One eye slightly opened

Still looking to the sky.


So young in the field of death

Corn coloured hair

And freckles,

Shot down by the military canon

His body broken

But his spirit still looking skywards

To where the startled birds fly.


He was unknown

No one came to claim him

No mother

No brother

No one could name him.

Gentle arms lifted him

Placed a label around his youthful wrist


'Killed in action',

In a world that couldn't even remember who he was.


Now he lies with kings

Has his own memorial

The Tomb Of The Unknown Warrior, it's called.

The young boy soldier

Who gave all he had,

Quietly and anonymously

For no one in particular

For everyone.


Now he is remembered every year

For being unknown

For dying alone.

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Mon 15th Jan 2018 01:21

A poem I haven't shared on Write Out Loud.

A Benevolent
Globe of Remembrance

Men and women that lived and died,
Fought for freedom
With all their hearts they tried,
Sick and tired they took to battle,
While at home family members struggled,
As they travelled around the world
Fighting against despair and fear,
Memories of the fallen
To significant others are so clear,
Their graves so far,
Their love so near.

We stand united together
Worshiping their sacrifice
With great honour,
These men and women
Will be remembered forever
For giving their lives
So we may grow to love
One another…
Lest we forget.

Written by
Michael Robinson.

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John F Keane

Fri 15th Dec 2017 21:29

Very fine poem if a bit depressing.

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Sun 19th Nov 2017 20:43

Beautiful poem Hannah, The second stanza especially brought tears to my eyes.

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Hannah Collins

Wed 8th Nov 2017 20:53

Thank you Patrick.

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Hannah Collins

Wed 8th Nov 2017 15:02

Thank you Keith for your kind comment.
I was inspired to write this poem when I saw the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior in London.
I found it very striking and sad that no one knew who he was and there are many others.


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Hannah Collins

Wed 8th Nov 2017 14:59

Thank you Suki for your comment and for the link.
The song and video which I hadn't heard before is very clear about the cruelty and suffering of war.
We must never forgot those who gave their lives.


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suki spangles

Wed 8th Nov 2017 04:15

Hi Hannah,

I thought I'd share this song with you - same title.

And it was Jim Morrison's dad, oh so ironically, who was admiral of the USS Maddox, the warship involved in the notorious Gulf of Tonkin false flag that was used to involve the US in Vietnam. Before my time (and way before yours), but a sobering thought. Nothing changes,
Iran looks like the next target for the next b.s war machine..


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keith jeffries

Tue 7th Nov 2017 22:54

Hannah, this poem is exquisite in its beauty and nostalgia and also appropriate as we enter the month of remembrance. As an ex serviceman I thank you. Keith

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