belated realizations about my Father

older I become

the more of what you intended to do and be

I am finding is gradually being brought

into the light of my life at last

step by daily step piece by beloved piece


the silenced constancy of your once misunderstood tender care

finally drawing the worthy attention and rewards

never paid in your living days.


The unnoticed filling of our home with an air of gentle though firm concerns

for my benefit that were naively ignored.


But now uncovered for what they really were;

your overlooked way's

way's of freeing my mind and helping it to go in the right direction.


Father, I would like to think and assure myself

that it isn't too late to dismiss the old distances that stayed between us for far too long

and acknowledge that your guiding presence in my upbringing

always was there standing deeply rooted and patient in the background of my youth

like a great strong limbed sheltering tree 

love leafed  was always there  

where my fledgeling heart could nest and grow


becoming strong enough to fly as high

as high as you intended it should

to where with hope and gratefulness 

I can feel once and for all time

the gazing of your spirits eyes alighting

on my fully opened wings.


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Jemima Jones

Tue 28th Nov 2017 14:20

Nicola and Leon thank you.Jemima.

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Fri 10th Nov 2017 19:31

EXTREMELY moving Jemima.The last verse is a knockout!

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Jemima Jones

Thu 9th Nov 2017 10:16

indeed not Martin are you rambling yours is a great descriptive comment as much as Tommy's is brief but to the point and Hannah's is also concise and understanding.Thank you both.Jemima.

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Tommy Carroll

Thu 9th Nov 2017 10:10

A touch and touched.


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Hannah Collins

Tue 7th Nov 2017 20:35

This is so beautiful.
The mystique of fathers, the distance that stays between.


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Martin Elder

Tue 7th Nov 2017 16:44

What a great poem Jemima. I particularly love the line

like a great strong limbed sheltering tree love leafed

reading this poem ( forgive me for being presumptuous) but imagine standing up as if from a long sleep and stretching yourself. I might just be rambling her. But either way. A marvellous poem

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