he carried with him a mirror ball
and within each of its tiny squares
a reflection of a different facet of his life appeared


the sun would shine and project on walls and
passing buses to the amusement of passengers
him as a child with blonde sun kissed hair


or the here and now in kaleidoscopic colours
the things he loved to watch and cherish
like birds flying with words on silent wings


with occasional glimpses into the future
silver grey with bent back and walking frame
the hand of a loved one held in his own


but this was no magic prediction machine
no seer of visions or healer of hidden ills
no, this was his heart and soul for all to see


laid bare and released without copyright
in a multitude of moving moments to spin
and sparkle and help set the people free



words ©Colin Hill 2017


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Colin Hill

Wed 8th Nov 2017 08:14

I think there is a little sci-fi unintentionally thrown in Suki. I've been watching those Philip k Dick adaptions on TV and most likely have absorbed some of his thinking. There's a touch of the messianic too, the mirror ball a god of sorts. Maybe. I'm only guessing.
Cheers mate. Col.

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suki spangles

Wed 8th Nov 2017 03:59

Hi Col,

I suppose this can also be understood as how we affect others, and how our "light" refracts/returns/disperses our "timeline", to be a little sci-fi about it.

No man is an open heart can bring joy to others in sometimes the most imperceptible ways..


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Colin Hill

Tue 7th Nov 2017 18:53

Trevor, I think you summed up what I was trying to achieve although how well I achieved it I'm not sure. Sometimes I have only half an inkling where I'm headed. Sometimes it becomes obvious and other times like here it remains more elusive. Often my poems feel like snippets from longer stories. I have a feeling I will be coming back to this one in the not too distant future. Your 'memory store' comment has definitely been stored in the, er, memory store. Thanks very much. Col.

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Trevor Alexander

Tue 7th Nov 2017 15:18

Really thought-provoking Colin. It's almost like a memory store with no index, and the scenes on random replay.
I particularly like the "laid bare and released without copyright".

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Colin Hill

Tue 7th Nov 2017 08:09

I'm still thinking about this one myself Graham.

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 6th Nov 2017 23:48

I like the glitter ball/life experiences analogy (if I've read that correctly).

It's the chaos of everyday life, the minutiae that swaps and swerves us through a life that we then need to make sense of.

As always Colin, something to think about!

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