You never really know someone.

We are all strangers living in the same room

sitting in different well worn seats.

A jigsaw puzzle bought from a charity shop

with missing pieces - disappointing.

We each make misguided plugs for the holes 

to tell our story, paint it on.

One room two minds four eyes.

One lonely heart we all are

to some extent. 



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Trevor Alexander

Tue 7th Nov 2017 15:25

I've often thought the "no man is an island" quote to be flawed. In many ways we are all islands. We have bridges, but they only land on the shoreline. Deep in the interior, there is a place unexplored by others.

This definitely pushed my introspection button. Thanks for sharing.

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Mon 6th Nov 2017 21:21

Couples tend to be strangers with shared memories. We interpolate so many things into others and things with our perceptions (often ego leading). 7.6 billion of us and (I think) we all have those moments in our car, at the stop light, feeling completely alone. (unless you live somewhere where there is no stoplight - sitting on the train, or your camel or goat then perhaps)....

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